In my hometown - Shin Hua (Township Tainan County),there is a Taiwan chophouse with no signboard,all people in Shin Hua call it "控肉陳''(in Taiwanese),because the chophouse's' boss's first name is Chen(陳).T
he best-know food in the store is "Braised pork rice",if u want to eat it, u have to line up as other people.And when it sold out ? 
Ummmm...let me think....almost 9:00 u want to buy it, u may have to line up at 6:00 am...
Exaggerated???'s real!!!
Because everytime i back to Tainan...i will ask my brother buying it..hahahahaha......i'm a bad sister!!! I will put the photo of the Braised pork rice here as i back to Tainan next time !!!
So..dream about it!!

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